Compensation Information

"The compensation program and its component plans shall reinforce a work culture and climate where employees are recognized and rewarded competitively as compared to market for achievement of their expected level of contribution. Any changes to compensation must be reasonable and take into consideration both the needs of the State as an employer and the citizens receiving services from the State."

-- excerpt from the Compensation Philosophy


The compensation program for Executive Branch employees shall be designed to support the mission of the State and the agencies within the Executive Branch.  The foundation of the compensation program is the legislatively adopted compensation philosophy which is intended to attract and retain quality employees with competitive compensation based on relevant labor markets.

The compensation program and its component plans shall be based upon principles of fairness and equity and shall be administered with sound fiscal discipline. The compensation program and its component plans shall reinforce a productive work climate, a culture of accountability and encourage employees to achieve their career potential with the State.


Compensation Philosophy graphic


All aspects of compensation (base salary, benefits, allowances and incentives) shall be considered as a total compensation package for State employees. Total compensation shall be targeted at a competitive level when compared to the appropriate labor markets to allow the State to attract and retain the quality and quantity of employees needed to fulfill its service commitments to its citizens. 

Total Compensation Worksheet (Less than 30 Hours Per week - January 2023)

Total Compensation Worksheet (January 2023)

Appendix B - BEE Pay and BEE Time