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Telework approval is at the sole discretion of the agency head and is not subject to appeal or grievance. Telework is not an expressed or implied employee right or benefit; rather, it is a staffing and work arrangement at the sole discretion of management. 

Welcome to the Telework Wyoming official webpage for State of Wyoming employees. The Wyoming Department of Administration & Information (A&I), Human Resources Division, in collaboration with multiple state agencies, developed the new Telework Wyoming policy to modernize, streamline and update the State of Wyoming telework process. This webpage was established to provide easy access to information on the telework policy, eligibility, approval process, instructions for completing an agreement, training for both employees and supervisors as well as other pertinent information.

Telework is not necessarily a suitable work-arrangement for everyone. Certain positions can be eligible for telework, as well as certain employees. It is not an employee benefit or right. Telework remains at the sole discretion of management. Individual agencies decide how many employees will telework and what types of telework (full-time, part-time, intermittent or temporary) is appropriate for their employees.


Please follow the steps below if you or your supervisor are interested in implementing a Telework Agreement. 

You may also download the full approval process by clicking on the following document:

Telework Wyoming Approval Process.pdf

Step 1: Inquire 

Interested in finding out if telework is an option for you? Talk to your supervisor first! 

Already been assigned to telework? Review the Telework Policy in Step 2 and then skip to Step 5.

Step 2: Telework Policy 

Once your supervisor is aware of your interest in teleworking, all individuals review the State of Wyoming Executive Branch Telework Policy found below. 

Executive Branch Telework Policy.pdf

Step 3: Agency Management Evaluation/Decision 

The employee's agency management team will evaluate the inquiry for telework based on the agency's criteria:

Agency Management can use the flow-charts below to help determine eligibility.

Is the position suitable for telework?

Is the individual suitable for telework?

Step 4: Denied Inquiry

If the inquiry is denied:

Step 5: Approved Inquiry

If the inquiry is approved:

Need training and important resources? Check out our Telework Toolkit!

Step 6: Documentation

The HRD representative will email the prospective telework employee the fillable Telework Agreement in PDF form to complete with their supervisor, sign, and date.

The employee will prepare the supplemental telework documents to be included with their telework agreement. These documents include:

The supervisor will gather all documents and ensure they are complete and signed. The supervisor will email all documents to the agency’s HRD representative to review and sign.

ETS Required Telework Trainings

All state employees should have received and completed the following ETS required trainings in the ETS training portal, KnowBe4:

If you have not been assigned these pieces of training, please email janet.reifschneider2@wyo.gov or jennifer.stark@wyo.gov. 

Need help downloading your training certificates? How to Download Your Telework Training Certificates 


Telework State Owned Equipment and Supplies List.pdf


Telework Wyoming Safety Checklist.pdf

Step 7: Telework Begins

The HRD representative will email the employee and supervisor when the employee is approved to start teleworking. The supervisor monitors the employee's performance. 

Still have questions? 

Telework Wyoming FAQ.pdf
How to Download Your Telework Security Certificate - ETS.pdf

Is there anything else that might help you on your teleworking journey?
Fill out our feed-back form, or email us at ai-hrd-telework@wyo.gov with any other questions or concerns.