Purchasing Definitions


A formal statement of a change.


A competitive price offer made by an intended seller, usually in reply to an invitation for bid. A price offer made at a public auction.

Change Order

A change order alters a contract’s original scope of work. A change order affects the contract amount and/or length of the contract.

Competitive Bidding

The offer of firm bids by individuals or firms competing for a contract, privilege or right to supply specified services or merchandise.

Emergency purchase as stated in the Purchasing Procedures Manual

Emergency authorization is obtained when not doing so will result in peril. Authorization is obtained after the fact and based on verbal or written approval from the Procurement Manager.


Fees associated with participation in a specific organization.


Conference with a view of reaching agreement.

Non-Competitive Negotiation – Non-competitive negotiation when sealed bidding is not feasible and as stated in W.S. 9-2-3204

Non-competitive negotiation can include requests submitted for proprietary goods and services; compatibility needs; proximity of services; authorized/certified manufacturer representative; single source in geographic area and sole availability.


A sales proposal including price, sales terms, and conditions. A price statement as an offer. A bid.

Proprietary Article

An item made and marketed by a person or persons having the exclusive right to manufacture and sell it.

For more information about individual bids submitted by state agencies, complete a Wyoming Public Records Request in accordance with W.S. 16-4-201

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