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On this page you’ll find a variety of helpful resources to assist you as you take steps toward reaching your health goals. To start, read the alert below to learn about the ways you can be entered to win money (for employees on the State of Wyoming health plan). Then, watch the “3 Steps” and “Coaching” videos below to get started on your journey to being the best version of you.

Employees on the Cigna health plan who complete a wellness visit – annual physical between 1/1/2020 and 11/30/2020 will earn a chance to win a $200 gift card. Also take the Cigna Health Risk Assessment on to earn a chance to win a $50 gift card. Click here to take the health assessment now.  Click here for details  |  1-800-685-1060

How to Find Your Virtual Care Emotional Well-Being Resources

Governor's PSA On Wellness for State of Wyoming Employees

3 Steps to Support Your Healthy Living Efforts

Your Personal Health Team (Coaching)

Here are your three easy steps to health:


Emotional health: 

You are not alone. There are many services to help you manage life events, at no cost to you. You can receive three no-cost face-to-face or call sessions with a licensed mental health professional through Cigna’s Employee Assistance Program network. Just login to myCigna and click on Coverage and Employee Assistance Program and Visit an EAP Counselor to get your EAP code and find an in-network counselor.  On myCigna you also have access to work-life resource tools, such as Happify and iPrevail. Call 1-800-685-1060 or Cigna Behavioral Health at 800-274-7603 for assistance.

Health coaching: 

Whatever your goals, there is a Cigna health coach to help you succeed, at no cost. Click here for more information. Click here to see what other State of Wyoming employees had to say about coaching.


Use doctors, hospitals and other health care services in the Cigna network to save money. Click here to find out more or here to search for an in-network provider or procedures.


Diabetes Prevention Program:  Do you have prediabetes? If you are an adult and receive medical benefits offered through the State of Wyoming you may qualify for the Omada program. Click here to find out.

Virtual Care: 

Previously referred to as Cigna Telehealth, you have access to a doctor 24/7/365, virtually, from anywhere. You can even have a prescription sent directly to your local pharmacy, if appropriate. Click here for more information, or log in to myCigna and click on Find Care and Costs, then scroll down to Talk to a Doctor or Nurse 24/7.


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