Agency Policies & Procedures

This page contains rules, policies and procedures specific to A&I, with the exception of Purchasing and Procurement, which pertain to all state agencies. State of Wyoming Personnel Rules, Policies and Procedures are available by clicking on the box at the right. Download Adobe Reader to save and view copies of rules offline. Click here for help viewing PDF versions of rules in a browser.


State of Wyoming Personnel Rules are promulgated by A&I's Human Resources Division. They take precedence over all personnel rules issued by any Executive Branch State Agency. To view these rules click here.

Official copies of administrative rules are located at

To view other Human Resources Division policies and procedures (such as Alternative Work Schedules) click here.


State of Wyoming Executive Orders

The following Executive Orders are also listed in Rules and Polices for A&I's Human Resources Division, which serves as a consultative and mediation resource for all Wyoming State employees.