Employees' Group Insurance


State Library Building  |  2800 Central Ave. Room 162  |  Cheyenne, WY 82002

Phone: (307) 777-6835 or (800) 891-9241 (in Wyoming)

Fax: (307) 777-7685  |  Email: egi@wyo.gov 

Program Manager: Lori Brand

Email: lori.brand2@wyo.gov

About Employees' Group Insurance (EGI)

We work to provide our members competitive benefits designed for choice, cost effectiveness and promotion  of healthy lifestyles. We provide coverage for active employees, retirees, and COBRA participants for State of Wyoming as well as those of the University of Wyoming, Wyoming Community Colleges and select Wyoming school districts.

Retiree Benefit Presentation 

The third Tuesday of each month.     Google presentation Noon-1:30pm      Click to Join 

happy smiling employees

Benefit information for all employees covered by Employees' Group Insurance

using a computer to login to see your health benefits

Access and instructions on how to navigate the on-line benefits system

group of smiling employees gathered around a computer

View videos summarizing the benefits offered through the State of Wyoming to covered employees.

Happy retirees taking a group selfie

Benefit information for all retirees covered by Employees' Group Insurance.

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Insurance related publications, including the newsletter and presentations. 

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Updates from Employees' Group Insurance and other divisions across A&I.

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Information regarding continuation of benefits after termination.

files with the word information on it

Forms, instructions, presentations, and information to assist  Human Resource Benefit Specialists.

Health and wellness resources for those employees and their dependents on the State of Wyoming Cigna health plan.


Program Manager: Lori Brand

Phone: 307-777-5440  

Email: lori.brand2@wyo.gov

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Assistant Program Manager: Karyn Williams

Phone: 307-777-6714

Email: karyn.williams@wyo.gov

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Training Coordinator: Karissa Toalson

Phone: 307-777-8657 

Email: karissa.toalson@wyo.gov

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HR Benefits Specialist: Shirley Gilham

Phone: 307-777-6717  

Email: shirley.gilham@wyo.gov

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HR Benefits Specialist: Lisa Lopez

Phone: 307-777-5684

Email: lisa.lopez@wyo.gov

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HR Benefits Specialist: Kathy Simpson 

Phone: 307-777-2945  

Email: kathy.simpson@wyo.gov

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HR Benefits Specialist: Melissa Miller

Phone:  307-777-8646  

Email: melissa.miller@wyo.gov

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HR Benefits Specialist: vacant



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Statistician: Vacant 

Phone: 307-777-6716  


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