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Annual Flex Enrollment

This will be the last year that you will receive the Blue Flex form. Starting in 2019, you will have to log on Employee Portal to make any change or see your Agency Human Resources to get a paper copy. You only need to turn in a Flex Benefits form if you are changing how premiums are paid (Pre-tax/Post-tax) or if you would like to participate in the Medical, Dependent Daycare, or Wrap Around Medical reimbursement accounts. The reimbursement accounts must be elected every year regardless if you have participated in the past.

Retirement Contributions

Your pension benefit is funded by your employer's contributions on your behalf, as well as your contributions. Contributions rates are set in state statute. Employee Contributions changed September 1, 2018 from 2.68% to 2.93%.

New Website for the Department of Administration & Information

The Wyoming Department of Administration & Information is pleased to announce the deployment of a new agency website. Stay tuned for a newly designed edition of the Economic Analysis Division website, too!