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State of Wyoming Benefits

Working for the state of Wyoming provides employees with a range of valuable benefits and offers a fulfilling career path.  Employees enjoy comprehensive healthcare coverage, including medical, dental, and vision plans, ensuring their well-being and that of their families. Additionally, the state offers multiple retirement plans, which provide financial security and stability for employees once their career in public service comes to an end. The state recognizes the importance of personal time and offers generous paid time off and flexible schedule arrangements, allowing employees to recharge, take care of personal matters, and maintain a healthy work-life integration. 

Health and Wellness

Health Insurance

Dental Coverage

Vision Coverage

Life Insurance

Short and Long Term Disability Insurance

Ambulance Coverage

Flexible Spending Accounts

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Work/Life Balance

Vacation Leave 

Months Employed        =        Hours Earned Per Month

0 - 48 months                   =        8 hours (12 days per year)

49 - 108 months             =        10 hours (15 days per year)

109 - 168 months          =        12 hours (18 days per year)

169 - 228 months          =        14 hours (21 days per year)

229 or more months    =        16 hours (24 days per year)

Months Employed        =        Carry-Over Maximum

0 - 108 months                =        240 hours (30 days)

109 - 168 months          =        288 hours (36 days)

169 - 228 months          =        336 hours (42 days)

229 or more months    =        384 hours (48)

Sick Leave


As a State of Wyoming employee you will receive paid leave to be used on nine holidays each year:

Flexible Work Schedules/Telework


State of Wyoming Retirement

Deferred Compensation

Public Student Loan Forgiveness

Public Student Loan Forgiveness

Longevity Pay

Longevity Pay

More Information

Want to learn more about State of Wyoming benefits?

State trainer and eLearning guru, Matt Nagy, has a monthly show called the Subject Matter Minute that goes into employee benefits in more detail and covers more obscure items as well.

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