Participating State & Governmental Entities

W.S. 9-2-3220

(iv) "Participating state entity" or "state entity" means the state of Wyoming government including the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, the University of Wyoming and any department, division, agency, board, commission or other instrumentality of those branches; 

(v) "Public financial information" means official public records as defined in W.S. 16-4-201(a)(vi)(A) that are required to be made available on the Wyoming public finance and expenditure of funds website as required by this act, but shall not include any information: (A) Provided pursuant to W.S. 26-34-129, 26-34- 130, 28-8-108, 35-2-910 or 35-17-105; (B) Relating to benefits paid under the Worker's Compensation Act that would reveal the identity of the recipient; (C) Relating to services provided to juveniles under title 14 or title 21 of the Wyoming statutes that would reveal the identity of the juvenile or his family; (D) That would violate the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or the Health Care Quality Improvement Act. 

(vi) "Local government entity" means any county, municipality, joint powers board, airport board, community college district, school district, special district and any other political subdivision of Wyoming;