Employee Disputes


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It's the policy of the State of Wyoming to encourage the use of mediation as a valuable communication tool available to employees, supervisors, and managers to resolve conflict in the workplace. The primary purpose of the Mediation Program is to provide a responsive, informal, confidential, effective, and timely method to resolve conflict and work/life related issues.


It's the policy of the State of Wyoming to resolve employee grievances and appeals in a fair and timely manner. Employees may voluntarily participate in the mediation program which assists disputing parties in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution to issues and concerns raised by the parties.

Employees who voluntarily choose to participate in the mediation program shall not forfeit their right to present a grievance in accordance with this chapter. Employees shall have the right to present a grievance or appeal, pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, without coercion, restraint, discrimination or reprisal.

No State agency covered by these Personnel Rules shall adopt or implement a separate or different employee grievance procedure. In implementing and facilitating this policy, all state agencies shall comply with these rules and all other applicable law.