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Most Wyoming Counties Added Residents in 2022

CHEYENNE – Wyoming’s total resident population grew moderately to 581,381 as of July 2022, according to a U.S. Census Bureau estimate.  The annual increase from July 2021 totaled 1,898 persons or 0.3 percent, slightly less than the U.S. growth rate of 0.4 percent. More...


A new edition of “JUST THE FACTS” has been released by the State of Wyoming, Economic Analysis Division.  The updated 2022 publication provides an easily accessible collection of statistics, presenting a broad range of quality of life factors in Wyoming.  Information categories include demography, education, the economy, transportation, housing, geography, tourism, agriculture, tax environment, and crime & law enforcement.  The data displays facts for the most recent period for Wyoming, its ranking relative to other states, and the change from the previous period. More...

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