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2020 Census Effort Looking for Workers

The U.S. Census Bureau is working to recruit individuals for various 2020 Census jobs across Wyoming. These are great jobs for those who need a flexible schedule, or those who are looking for extra income. The website to apply is 2020census.gov/jobs.

EA Division helps lead Wyoming 2020 Census effort

Wyoming’s 2020 Census effort has a new information hub hosted by A&I’s Economic Analysis Division. The new page is online at, 2020 Census Wyoming Counts.

The Division’s work on the 2020 Census underscore’s Gov. Mark Gordon’s commitment to ensure an accurate count for the state. The state’s overall awareness effort is being led by the Wyoming Complete Count Committee, which includes state and local designees. The EAD web page has links to local Complete Count committees as well as links to job opportunities for people who will do door-to-door fieldwork.

Designated Public Records Persons for Governmental Entities Can Enter Their Information at the Following Links

To assist the public in obtaining public records, a List of Designated Public Records Persons for Governmental Entities is maintained by A&I according to Wyoming Statute 16-4-202(e) of the Wyoming Public Records Act.

According to the Act, all applications for public records are to be made to the governmental entity’s designated public records person. Wyoming’s Public Records Act, as revised in 2019, is at Wyoming Statute 16-4-201 through 205 and can be found at the Wyoming Legislative Service Office website

To register as a designated public records person, please click on the following Designated Public Records Person Form. All forms and Rules are available on the A&I Public Records Page.

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