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Pay Tables Updated

The State of Wyoming pay tables have been updated. The complete Classification & Pay Structure Listing can be found on the A&I HRD - Pay Tables & Salary Averages Page. These pay tables include new pay ranges based on 2017 market rates and are effective July 1, 2019.

Designated Public Records Persons for Governmental Entities Can Enter Their Information at the Following Links

To assist the public in obtaining public records, a List of Designated Public Records Persons for Governmental Entities is maintained by A&I according to Wyoming Statute 16-4-202(e) of the Wyoming Public Records Act.

According to the Act, all applications for public records are to be made to the governmental entity’s designated public records person. Wyoming’s Public Records Act, as revised in 2019, is at Wyoming Statute 16-4-201 through 205 and can be found at the Wyoming Legislative Service Office website

To register as a designated public records person, please click on the following Designated Public Records Person Form. All forms and Rules are available on the A&I Public Records Page.

PMI Changes Effective April 1st

With the support of the PMI Continuous Improvement Committee, HRD is very excited to share with you the changes being implemented to the PMI program. Check out the What's New with PMI video to see some of these details and what to expect moving forward.

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