The Director’s Office is comprised of the director and deputy director along with four other sections that provide for the management and operation of the department. These sections are Accounting, Agency Human Resources, Safety Office and the Professional Licensing Boards Administration. The department provides services and information to state agencies, the elected officials, the Judiciary and the Legislature. 
  • Accounting – Provides accounting and billing services to the agency. Accounting processes billings and revenues for the A & I internal service operations (Central Mail postage and Motor Vehicle monthly billings); processes accounts payable for A & I. 
  • Human Resources – Provides human resources services to the agency and recently has become the provider of services to three other agencies. 
  • Safety Office – Provides guidance to the agency in safety related areas - Including training, review, emergency preparedness and preparation of the coop plan. 
  • Professional Licensing Boards – Provides administrative support to 17 licensing boards.
Provides budgetary assistance to the Governor, other elected officials, executive branch agencies and the judicial and legislative branches with respect to biennial and supplemental budget preparation, submission and administration. In addition, the budget division is responsible for both the preparation and administration of the State Wide Indirect Cost Allocation Plan and the federal Cash Management Improvement Act (CMIA). 

Economic Analysis
Manages the State Data Center and Decennial Census databases, forecasting the behavior of demographic and economic variables; projecting and monitoring state revenues; maintains the REMI policy insight model and population projection models; generating the Wyoming Cost of Living Index; providing quality customer service to clients via published reports, presentations, and customized information responses; and providing policy and economic analysis to government agencies. The Economic Analysis Division (EAD) serves the Governor, other Elected Officials, state agencies, Legislators, Wyoming local governments Wyoming businesses and citizens, federal government, and businesses and citizens from other state and countries.

Human Resources Division
  • Human Resources Division (HRD) offers assistance to the Executive Branch Agencies, the Legislative Service Office, the University of Wyoming, Community Colleges and the Citizens of Wyoming. Twenty-two full time positions carry out their part of the strategies, which involve hearings, grievances, state and federal employment law interpretation, record retention, rule interpretations, personnel database entry, position control, selection, recruitment, training, pay determination, position classification, group insurance plans, and other benefits provided through the State Personnel Rules.
  • E-Learning – Provides assistance to the State of Wyoming by creating both statewide and agency level training that can be accessed via electronic means. ELearning saves money by eliminating travel expenses and time out of the office by designing courses that can be accessed through the online Learning Management System. 
  • Employees’ Group Insurance – Employees’ Group Insurance (EGI) provides employee communication, rule interpretations, flexible benefit plan administration, data entry, benefit maintenance, grievances, hearings, state and federal law interpretation, and record retention. Twelve full time positions carry out their part of each of the functions.
Construction Management
Construction Management is responsible for the management of statewide capital construction/public building program; design and construction of state owned facilities approved and funded by the state legislature; reviews, evaluates and provides advice to the State Building Commission; management of statewide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); Acquisition or sale of property and acquisition of leased space for state agencies; and management of major maintenance projects in state owned facilities.

General Services
General Services (GSD) provides support services necessary for state agencies to conduct state government. State agencies are the primary end-user of GSD’s services. In addition to Capitol Information and the Government Operator, the GSD is organized into seven primary sections.
  • Motor Pool – Provides the fleet administration of the state motor pool. The motor pool has approximately 1,100 vehicles in its’ fleet, of which about 100 are in the pool for agencies to use on an as needed basis. The motor pool also provides maintenance, and repairs for all fleet vehicles. 
  • Central Mail – Provides mail delivery services to agencies in the Capitol Complex and within the Cheyenne area.
  • Risk Management – Procures insurance and manages claims for liability, property, and vehicle and aircraft insurance coverage for the State of Wyoming. Staff works with various state agencies to ensure adequate insurance coverage is provided to protect the interests of the state. 
  • Procurement – Competitively develops formal bids and requests for proposals to acquire goods and services for the State of Wyoming. This section develops and enforces compliance with statewide purchasing procedures and maintains the bidder list. 
  • Surplus Property – The program's priority is to receive and effectively redistribute usable surplus items from state agencies to other state agencies, governmental entities and private non-profit organizations.
  • Trades – Responsible for the maintenance of state facilities to include electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, carpentry, painting, locksmith, and office furniture repairs.
  • Facilities Operations – Charged with providing full janitorial services and grounds maintenance for the Capitol Complex.
State Library
Wyoming State Library (WSL) promotes library development, fosters library cooperation and provides reliable information to customers. The Library provides access to state government information. The WSL is a selective federal documents depository. 

Governor Matt Mead

Director Dean Fausset