2020 Census Wyoming Counts

State Complete Count Committee

On June 25, 2019, the Governor of Wyoming, Mark Gordon, issued a PROCLAMATION declaring the year 2019 as Census 2020 Awareness in Wyoming to show the state's commitment and support to the Census. A statewide Complete Count Committee, 2020 Census Wyoming Counts, was created to help with Census education and awareness.

The Committee is comprised of respected community leaders from state and local government, education, business, community and religious organizations. The Committee embodies the importance of cooperative effort between communities, local governments, and the U.S. Census Bureau to enhance efforts in data collection, recruiting, and promotional activities.

The U.S. Census Bureau also encourages local governments and community organizations to form their own Complete Count Committee (CCC) programs to achieve an accurate population count in 2020. (CCC Handbook)

What's New for 2020

Technology will play a big role in the 2020 Census. It will be a part of every census process. This will be the first decennial census where people can respond via the internet or phone. Applicants for census jobs will now have the ability to apply online. Census enumerators will be utilizing hand-held devices for non-response follow-up, where in the past it was all done on paper. And, when everyone has been counted and the population counts are released in 2021, a new online platform has been developed to access the data.

Why It Matters

The U.S. has counted its population every 10 years since 1790 as mandated by the U.S. Constitution. Wyoming's first Census was in 1870. The census can shape many different aspects of your community. The decennial population count is utilized for Redistricting at the national and state level. Census data guides the allocation of federal funding to state, local, and tribal governments. Certain state revenue distributions are distributed based upon the decennial census count. Communities use the information for development and planning for public services, roads, schools, health care, and new businesses.

Census Information & Useful Links

Useful Links

  • Residence Criteria and Residence Situations: Where should people be counted? Guidelines for different residence situations are available.
  • Statistics in the Schools: Educate your students about the value and everyday use of statistics. The Statistics in Schools program provides resources for teaching and learning with real life data. Explore the site for standards-aligned, classroom-ready activities.
  • Counting for Dollars 2020: The Role of the Decennial Census in the Geographic Distribution of Federal Funds.
  • Type of Enumeration Area (TEA) Viewer: The U.S. Census Bureau uses TEA as the approach to conducting the 2020 Census for housing units in a given geographic area. The U.S. Census Bureau will mail or hand deliver census information and questionnaires to households. Check out the map viewer to see how your community/area will receive information to complete the census questionnaire. Self-response areas will receive census information in the mail. Areas deemed Update/Leave will have questionnaires left on their door.
  • State Data Center Clearinghouse: The State Data Center (SDC) program is a partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau. Every state and territory has a SDC. The SDC Clearinghouse website is another source of census information. You can check out what states are doing with census data.
  • Economic Analysis Division: Find Census data for Wyoming, counties, cities, and towns.

General Time-Line

  • Now - October 2019 - Address Canvassing
  • October 4, 2019 – Grand Opening Local Census Office in Casper
  • February 2020 – Group Quarters Enumeration
  • March 2020 – Questionnaires delivered and internet self-response begins
  • April 1, 2020 – Census Day
  • May 2020 – Non-response follow-up begins
  • December 31, 2020 – Apportionment counts are delivered to the President
  • March 31, 2021 – Population counts released for Redistricting

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