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The Construction Management team is a grass roots construction group made up of construction crafts, design and administrative staff. Our mission is to oversee projects to maximize the best value for the State of Wyoming. Projects include new construction, renovations, major maintenance, property acquisition, agency moves and ADA compliance. Projects are overseen from concept through finish. We pay close attention to cost effectiveness in regard to the life cycle costs of buildings and energy efficiency.

We have been entrusted by the Governor, the State Building Commission and the Legislature to manage State Construction Projects in the best interest of the Tax Payers of the State of Wyoming.
Construction Management

Wyoming Jobs Pipeline

Wyoming Jobs Pipeline

Wyoming has created a web-based jobs pipeline to help energy sector workers who recently lost their jobs to directly connect with potential employers.

The new service will allow workers to complete a simple web-based form that adds their contact information and skills to a database employers can directly access through a secure login to find a match.

Click the Construction Jobs icon above to fill out the jobs pipeline questionnaire.


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