Motor Pool now has an online reservation portal which can be accessed 24/7. 

Here, you can make a reservation, cancel a reservation or change a reservation. You will also be able to update your operator’s information.


  • Any state vehicle that travels on weekend days will automatically be charged the daily fee for the day it travels.

  • All Motor Pool Monthly Rental Rates include 4,000 miles for a calendar month.

Instructions and Steps

Contact Motor Pool at 307-777-7247 or  to secure a list of operator ID’s for your agency; or for yourself, if you make your own reservations.  You will need this to log onto the reservation page.  The Login ID must be for the person that will be using the vehicle.  

Click Online Reservation Portal to access the Online Reservation Portal. You use the Login ID for the person using the vehicle.

Once you log on, please verify all of the driver’s information.  If changes need to be made, please select the “Update My Info” tab and make those changes.

If you are finished making changes, click the “back” button and this will return you to the reservation page.  

From here, you can create a new reservation.  

  1. Click on New Reservation

  2. If you need to send a copy of the reservation to anyone else, it will be necessary to include their e-mail address in the blue box showing “cc”.  If you have trouble receiving the copy, it is possible that the person copied is not on our fleet system and will need to be added by contacting MVMS at 307-777-7247.

  3. Select Pickup date and time from the calendar and select OK/Close.  If you are making a reservation for “Today” be sure and use a time in the future.

  4. Select Return date and time in the same manner.

  5. This will bring up a list of vehicle types that are available for the time period you are requesting.

  6. Select the vehicle type you are requesting.

  7. You will need your “Account ID” to properly apply the charges to your agency or program.  If you do not know your account ID, a list can be provided by contacting Motor Pool at 307-777-7247.

  8. Fill in the Destination.

  9. In the green box, select the “capacity” to show additional passengers.

  10. If you require anything special, it can be noted in the “Reservation Note”

  11. Click Confirm – a reservation ID will be generated.

  12. A copy of a reservation form can be generated by using the “Printer Friendly” button.  Please note the statement on the bottom of the form:  “BY SUBMISSION OF THIS RESERVATION, "I CERTIFY THAT I HAVE A CURRENT, VALID DRIVER`S LICENSE AND HAVE INSURANCE COVERAGE ON MY PERSONAL VEHICLE (S). I AGREE TO NOTIFY MVMS AND RISK MANAGEMENT PROMPTLY IF MY DRIVING STATUS CHANGES”.

  1. A reservation confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address shown for the operator and any cc’s requested.

  1. If there are existing reservations for the operator, those will show up under “My Reservations” as a list.  You can make changes to existing reservations or cancel the reservations by clicking on the Reservation ID and either change the information or select “cancel reservation”.

If at any time you have questions or problems, please call us at 307-777-7247 and we can help you through the process.


Dale Spiess
Fleet Manager 

Rex Ellis
Shop Supervisor 

Rico Buitron
GPS & Telecom Support Specialist

Liz Hedrick
Business Office & Reservations