Where do I purchase gas in Wyoming?
When in Cheyenne, gas is to be obtained at Motor Pool located at 723 West 19th Street. The gas pumps are located at the north end of our parking lot next to the building. If Motor Pool is closed, WYDOT has a pump open 24 hours a day that can be used. 

When outside Cheyenne, gas should be obtained from the nearest WYDOT location. For your convenience, a list of these sites is located on our website and in your driver's book. 

How do I purchase gas from the WYDOT sites?
Motor Pool provides a blue "prokey" for purchasing gas at the automated WYDOT locations. You will be prompted for a PIN number. This number is your whole driver's license number. If you are using the new AIMS wireless fueling system, the following steps must be followed in the following order:


2.) Insert fuel nozzle into vehicle tank

3.) On the FuelMaster key pad, press “C”

4.) Select pump # to dispense fuel

5.) Enter User ID (Driver’s license #)

6.) Turn on fuel pump and dispense fuel

How do I purchase gas if there is no WYDOT or I'm not in Wyoming?
If the WYDOT is closed or you are in an area that does not have a WYDOT location, we have provided you with a Wright Express credit card. This credit card is for fuel purchases only and cannot be used for tire repairs, car washes, ect. The PIN number required to use this credit card will be the last six digits of your social security number. 

What kind of fuel should I be purchasing?
Other than the obvious unleaded or diesel, Motor Pool asks that you purchase the lower grade gasoline. There is no reason to fuel with anything other than 85 octane unleaded.

Motor Pool runs all of its Cheyenne based vehicles on the 85 octane and have had no problems with warranty issues or mechanical failures.

What happens if I purchase gas with my own credit card or cash?
Because we have gone to great lengths to provide you with the necessary tools to purchase fuel, any other methods of securing gas will not be reimbursed by Motor Pool. Only under extenuating circumstances and with prior contact with Motor Pool will we pay for fuel purchased with your own funds.

Do not submit fuel expenses on your travel voucher, as the State Auditor's Office will not process it. If your agency is reimbursing you, or if you have made arrangements for Motor Pool to reimburse you, it must be submitted on a WOLFS 102 Vendor Signature Form and will require the original copy of the receipt with the vehicle number noted on it.

What happens if I run out of gas?
Motor Pool will not pay for any expenses incurred when calling for roadside assistance if you run out of gas. The only exception would be if the gas gauge is faulty. It is good practice to fill up before your gauge gets to 1/4 of a tank.


Use your full Driver's License Number (if an out of state license is being used and that license has letters please substitute 0 for each letter.)

Credit Card:
Use last SIX digits of your Social Security Number.