Budget Division:

The Budget Division provides the following services: 

  • Agency budget development
  • Provide guidance to State agencies on budget development.
  • Develop forms and instructions for use by State agencies in the budget process
  • Assist State agencies in preparing budgets
  • Review and analyze individual budgets
  • Approve budget documents

In addition, employees perform the following duties which are unallowable under the OMB A-87 cost principles:

  • Compilation of agency budgets into the Executive Budget
  • Interaction with the Governor and his staff
  • Defense of agency budgets to the Legislature
  • Other special assignments as needed to respond to Executive and Legislative inquiries

 Costs of unallowable activities of the Budget division have been identified by taking the ratio of the number of months spent on unallowable activities during the biennium divided by the total available months of 24. Costs associated with the allowable percentage of effort (70%) were then allocated to State agencies.

Pool Analysis:

Indirect Pool Cost:

Methodology of Distribution:
Allocation is based on the ratio of each agency’s appropriated budget amount.