Agencies that are Directly Billed:

012 -Architects’ Board 055-Oil & Gas Commission
013-Animal Euthanasia Tech. Cert. Bd. 056-Optometry Board
014-Miners’ Hospital Board 058-Speech Path/Audio Board
017-Radiological Tech. Board 059-Pharmacy Board
018-Real Estate Commission 062-Physical Therapy Board
019-Professinal Teaching Standard Board 064-Board of Hearing Aid Specialist
022-Board of Respiratory Therapy 068-Psychologists’ Board
023-Public Service Commission 072-Wyoming Retirement
027-School Facilities Commission 075-Outfitters Board
029-Water Development Commission 077-Enterprise Technology (ETS)
031-Collection Agency Board 078-Profesional Counselors Board
034-Dental Examiners’ Board 079-Board of Nursing Home Administrators
038-Pari-Mutuel Commission 083-Board of Occupational Therapy
040-Game & Fish Department 084-Board of Geologists
044-Insurance Department 102-Law Examiners’ Board
045-Department of Transportation 251-Board of Veterinary Medicine
052-Board of Medicine 270-Adminstrative Hearings
054-Board of Nursing

Agencies that Negotiate an Indirect Cost Rate and are therefore not Billed:

005-Department of Education
007-Military Department
008-Public Defender's Office
015-Attorney General's Office
020-Environmental Quality
021-Department of Audit
024-Department of State Parks & Cult. Resources
025-Department of Employment
042-Geological Survey
048-Dept of Health
049-Dept of Family Services
053-Workforce Services
060-State Lands
067-University of Wyoming