Wyoming Cost of Living
The Wyoming Cost of Living Index (WCLI) is a summarization of price data collected in 28 cities and towns throughout Wyoming biannually (2nd and 4th quarter).  The information is utilized to build a comparative index, which gauges each county’s price level with the statewide average, and to estimate inflation rates for Wyoming and the five regions of the State. Priced items are aggregated into six categories, which include housing, apparel, transportation, food, recreation & personal care, and medical. Each category is weighted according to importance in the average consumer’s budget. Historical inflation values are also available on the
EAD’s website.

The Consensus Revenue
Estimating Group (CREG) is the official estimating body for all Wyoming State Government revenues. The EAD’s administrator and the Budget & Fiscal Manager for the Legislative Service Office serve as co-chairs of the group. Additional members of the CREG include representatives from the State Treasurer’s Office, Dept. of Revenue, Dept. of Education, State Auditor’s Office, Wyoming Geological Survey, Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, and the University of Wyoming.  The CREG meets biannually: the October meeting provides the initial revenue forecast while the January meeting presents an opportunity to review and update the October forecast before the Legislature convenes. CREG publications include the October & January revenue forecasts, monthly reports, and news releases. In conjunction with the release of the monthly CREG report, the Wyoming Insight is also published. It provides a snapshot of energy and business indicators for the State.

Economic Forecasts
The EAD also maintains a Regional Economic Models Inc. (REMI) Policy Insight model for the State. REMI is a regional dynamic economic forecasting and policy analysis model. It provides time series analysis and is able to measure economic impacts to Wyoming’s economy. The EAD periodically publishes special reports using REMI analysis.

State Data Center
The Economic Analysis Division (EAD) serves as the lead agency for the Wyoming State Data Center (SDC) program. The SDC is a partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau to provide a vehicle for the dissemination of data provided by the Bureau to state and local governments. It is the official source of demographic, economic, and social statistics produced by the Census Bureau. The extensive data library includes federal, state, and county information on income, employment, demographics, population, and more. Available Census data products and information:

• Decennial Census data
• American Community Survey (ACS)
• Annual population estimates and projections by state, county, city, and town
• 2007 Economic Census
• County Business Patterns
• Local Employment Dynamics (LED)
• Poverty, income, and health insurance coverage data
• Median household income
• Customized demographic and population tabulations and trend analysis
• Maps and geographic summaries
• Housing statistics and building permits
• American FactFinder

Other information disseminated by the EAD:  export data, health insurance information, and county economic profiles, as well as income, employment, and earnings data by county.